KernelSU v1.0.0-安卓内核级Root管理器

KernelSU 是 Android GKI 设备的 root 解决方案,它工作在内核模式,并直接在内核空间中为用户空间应用程序授予 root 权限。 KernelSU 还提供了一个基于 overlayfs 的模块系统,允许您加载自定义插件到系统中。 它还提供了一种修改 /system 分区中文件的机制。乐享网测试KernelSU相对于Magisk能更好的隐藏Root。


KernelSU has been born for two years. Today we officially welcome version 1.0!
Due to the fact that we haven't added features to non-GKI devices for a long time, and maintaining them requires a significant amount of time, we have removed support for non-GKI devices. Non-GKI devices can only stay on version 0.9.5 (the manager can update). In the future, we will focus on adding new features for GKI devices.
Our energy is limited, but the rewards are even more limited, so please understand our choice, thank you!
[Kernel] Fix random reboot caused by potential deadlock
[Kernel] Support private space for Android 15
[Manager] Fix file residue after complete uninstallation
[Manager] Support saving logs locally
[Manager]: Fix selecting KMI not working.
[Kernel]: hook stable symbols to improbe compatibility.
[Module]: Update resetprop.
[Manager]: Some UI improvements.
[Kernel]: Fix some detection issues.
[Kernel]: Let the kernel choose who is qualified to be the manager, avoiding potential side-channel attacks.
[Manager]: Support uninstall permanently and restore stock boot in Settings. You can restore stock boot before OTA to avoid download the full firmware.
[Module]: Fix the issue of the App Profile template page not opening.
[Manager]: Fix scroll issues in Settings.
[Manager]: Support choose kmi manually for installation.
[Manager]: Fix dark mode not working in Splash Screen.
[WebUI]: Allow opening multiple modules simultaneously on WebUI.
[Manager]: Add module shrink in Settings.
[Manager]: Fix "grant root failed" in some cases.
[Manager]: Allow to use other su to install LKM mode.
[manager]: Support offline patching of the kernel.
[kernel]: Fix issue with ColorOS.
[kernel]: Hide traces of LKM in user space.
[manager]: Fix possible errors during OTA upgrades.
KernelSU now supports installation through kernel modules (LKM) (GKI Only), you can use it with official kernels or third-party kernels; at the same time, the manager has also added installation functionality, you can choose to patch files, install directly, or install after OTA. Regarding the new LKM installation method, there are some tips:
LKM does not support non-GKI kernels, and will not support them in the future;
When patching files, if the init_boot partition exists, you should choose to patch init_boot; otherwise, patch boot;
If you have already installed the GKI kernel provided by KernelSU and want to switch to the LKM method, you need to flash back to the stock kernel; if your device has an init_boot partition, you can directly flash back to the stock boot;
The installation method of GKI kernel and LKM will always exist, use whichever you like; in the future, it will also support flashing GKI kernel in the manager.
Fix various issues caused by sparse files. Installing one module (no more) and rebooting immediately will fix the slowness issue
[Module] Add support for displaying WebUI in modules.
[Module] Use sparse image to store module files to solve the problem of installation failure of certain large modules and dynamically sized modules.
[Module] Use new mount API when it is available for mounting module files.
[Module] Allow to set upperdir for OverlayFS to make the partition writable (CLI Only).
[Kernel] Fix some detections.
[Kernel] Fix a bug that causes some root processes cannot be killed.
[Manager] Add an option to disable automatic update check.
[Manager] Fix the misleading tips when manager grant root failed.
To Make ZygiskNext Happy
[Script] Update for devs
[SU] Support set gid and groups when su
[Module] Extract binaries properly and necessarily
[Kernel] Fix exec su in post-fs-data
[Module] Fix ksud temp path
[Manager] Update translation
[SU] Fixed the issue of incorrect allowlist after an app with root permissions is uninstalled.
[SU] Fixed an issue that caused bootloop when uninstalling an application in multi-user after being granted root permissions.
[kernel] Support Linux kernel version 6.4.
[Module] Fixed the problem of non-standard module.prop causing module directory confusion.
[Module] Update busybox to 1.36.1.
[Module] Support using /debug_ramdisk as temporary directory.
[Security] Strengthen signature verification to avoid root privileges being taken over when using unofficial managers (CVE-2023-49794).
[Kernel] Fix su not working on android14-6.1 kernel.
[Kernel] Fix wifi not working on android14-6.1 kernel.
[Module] Add missing groups for App Profile.
[Module] Fix changelog fetch failed.
[Module] Fix module page blank when module id is absent.
[Manager] Add translations.


KernelSU 运行在内核空间,对用户空间应用有更强的掌控。

只有被授权的 App 才可以访问 su,而其他 App 无法感知其存在。

受限制的 root 权限
KernelSU 可以自定义 su 的 uid, gid, groups, capabilities 和 SELinux 规则:把 root 权限关进笼子里。

模块系统 & 开源
KernelSU 支持通过 overlayfs 修改 /system,并且是 GPL-3 许可下的开源项目。



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